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prose before hos

team alienation
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the chimeric death squad.
a revolution of boys on bicycles, smashing into car doors.
bloody noses & violet bruised eyes.

turn off your computer. ask your neighbours questions.
never answer your phone. kneecap yourself in the name of art.
being awesome to friends-&-strangers, being educated, being neo-victorian, breakfast dates, broken fingers, calla lillies, cleanliness, dancing in your car, diana risk, earl grey tea, excluding you, flippant-involvement-in-organised-religion, gardening in other-people's-gardens, independent publishers unite, indigo, isobel, jamie cadence, masturbating behind trees, mint green, mothers, peppermint tea, saying "whatev.", scarlet, social phobia, spoiling yourself, strangulation by vines, sweetshop chic, tertiary colours, tight underwear, totemism, turning the television off, veggie booty, violet, whatev-sexuals, writing about the past